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George's journey as a vintner began when his wife, Loretta bought him a boxed wine making kit. He completed the kit and produced some pretty good tasting wine! This piqued his interest, and soon he researched growing grapes to produce wine at home using various techniques. The next step was an arbor in his backyard in Southern California. Like only George would do, he entered his first harvest in the Orange County Fair and won an impressive award.

Fast forward 5 years, George and Loretta purchase 10 acres in Sonoma, minutes from downtown. To the basic eye, the property was composed of overgrown grass, beautiful oak trees, a small pond, run down barn and a small house in need of major repairs. However, George and Loretta imagined a vineyard, a nature preserve, a retirement home, a family retreat, and a gathering spot for generations to come... 

George Gajdos

Photo of George Gajdos smelling vines

For the past10 years, George has envisioned, researched, planned, (researched and planned some more) while he and Loretta transformed those10 acres into an ongoing project that fulfills their dreams and passions. 


Written by Loretta Gajdos

During the first few weeks in escrow, George had numerous experts meet us to inspect the soil content, the wells and the pond with the possibility in mind of building a vineyard. After that, we were all in. Knowing it was ours and that we had a serious plan in place, the next thing to decide is what to name this magnificent property? Once again, George with his love of tradition and even greater love for my mom, asked me to name this place after her, Napoli Vineyards. I remember phoning my two sisters and asking them if that was okay with them. I think we all loved the idea.

My mom, here forever, in loving memory.


Loretta Gajdos

Loretta and George have been married for 45 years and are no stranger to working side-by-side through many facets of life. They were set up on a blind date by Loretta's sister and brother-in-law and raised two daughters together. Loretta was employed in the billing department at the same law firm where George began his career as an attorney. For 24 years they worked together, both taking on more and more responsibility as the years passed. In 2020, Loretta retired as Office Manager and Billing Administrator from Bagby, Gajdos & Zachary, LLP

Loretta has successfully managed a small business, created a beautiful home, raised two children who now have families of their own, and spends endless hours/days being the best Mimi a grandchild (or 5) could ever ask for.

Loretta Gajdos

Loretta is the beauty and grace behind all things Napoli Vineyard. The property is named after her mother, Rose, and Loretta adds love to everything she touches, just as her mother did. 

George and Phelim, the contractor

Phelim Sweeny
Phelim has been with Napoli Vineyards since the very beginning. He is not only the contractor for the property, but a dear friend of the Gajdos Family.

George Gajdos and Ned

Ned Hill
Ned has also been with Napoli Vineyards since its inception in 2010. Ned is the property's Vineyard Manager and designer.

Barn structure on property in 2010

View of the property in 2010

Kids finding tadpoles in the pond

This is the barn that George and Loretta built that currently stands on the property

In 2010, George and Loretta with the neighbor's horses. While the neighbor has since changed, they still have equine neighbors thanks to Charlie's Acres Animal Sanctuary

View of the vines from the loft in the barn

Papa George doing what he loves the most

Paddleboat on the pond

Grandkids helping pick the grapes

George taking the grandkids on a tractor ride!

Kite flying in the afternoons

Kids have mini-tractors to join Papa on the property

Mimi and Papa

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